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NPO Promekologiya LLC is a successfully operating and constantly developing production enterprise. Our core business is the development and production of lubricating fluids (coolant), emulsols, industrial and special oils, lubricants, foundry binders, quenching media, hydraulic fluids, protective compounds and corrosion inhibitors.



Since 1993, the year when the company was founded, the production of about 200 names of various petrochemical products has been mastered, many of which are our own developments.

The product range is constantly increasing due to our willingness to respond to the requests of various enterprises for the development and supply of technical chemistry products with specific characteristics and technological properties that are required by the customer.

During its existence, our association has established itself as a reliable partner, working on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation with the enterprises of metallurgy, the fuel and energy complex, mechanical engineering, construction industry, tire, glass and other industries.

We accept applications for the selection or development of analogues of imported products, provide samples of our products free of charge for testing, and provide service support for the introduction of new products from our customers. The ecological component is constantly present in our work: we have developed and manufactured synthetic quenching media instead of oil, water-based foundry fasteners, oil-free hydraulic and coolant and other products.

Our company also collects and uses waste oils generated in your production conditions based on the License for collection, transportation, treatment, disposal, disposal and disposal of wastes of I-IV hazard classes No. 055-00133 of June 22, 2016.